Monday, August 31, 2009


During a recent walk, I discovered I could speak bovine..............hubby, quite taken with this, missed a wonderful photo-shoot of a super shiny black cow communing with me.  We were nose to snout.  The fatal attraction was interrupted by a young bull pawing at the ground, making deep throated noises, and generally making himself known.  The older bull was quite happy at the other corner of the field surrounded by a huge number of ladies of all colours, with many having calves in tow.

In another field further along, with poor grazing, was a Shetland pony together with a well formed black curly coated, burly de-budded ram.  It thought it was a pony; it quite bullied its companion, which must have been tender in many parts. We saw it butt the pony a few times when it thought pony was being fed more grass than it was getting.  I hate to think what the pony would have endured if the ram had notbeen de-budded.  The ram was actually taller, generally, a bit bigger, than the Shetland pony.


Flighty said...

I always talk to animals wherever I am. I often find that it's easier, and makes more sense, than with some people!
The story about the pony and ram made me smile, and I like the picture. xx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F.

It was a very calm and pleasant time with the animals, but oh, the bull was not going to be competed with, and certainly not by another breed!

The pony was delightful, an easy character, but totally bullied by the companion it had. The ram, its companion, was used to being handled and petted, it was used to humankind, and was not going to be subservient to another attractive four legged creature.

adamantixx said...

talking with the animals would be one of the greatest blessings this life has to offer...
imagine starting a blog with:
"you'll never guess what this daft hedgehog said to me this morning..."

ZACL said...

Hi Ax,

I'll work on that one. I am rather used to daft homo sapiens spouting, but you never know, a time could come when, if it didn't get squashed on the road, a daft hedgehog could spout forth. I think it more likely, with all sorts of birds in the garden, and sheep in the nearby fields, It's more likely to be 'a call for ewe' and 'a twitter'.