Monday, October 10, 2005

I am just starting to blog; this my very first one. Listening to the Woman's Hour mini play on BBC Radio 4 on Monday morning 10th October 2005 set me off on this path. I must now listen in to tomorrow's episode and see what happens next! We (the play blogger and I) may follow in simultaeneous footsteps. The radio blogger had a "thing" presumably, a counter to see how many readers she had and was off to html classes. I don't think I can emulate that.

There is a tertiary college in the remote area I live in but it does not provide all educational luxuries that you hear about. A class I signed on for last year with a maximum of twelve evening students was postponed, for very good reasons I have to say, however, the course was then cancelled. Being number four on the list of applicants for the class meant, I was told, that I would be given priority when the class re-started. I have not been contacted so I presume the class has been de-listed for the foreseeable future.

That reminds me of the one and only time I got the number one boarding card for EasyJet. It felt like winning a raffle. That was short-lived. The airport was Luton which at the best of times I find a stressful place to negotiate. The plane arrived on time for its passengers, the air crew were in place but can you believe it, there was a dearth of ground crew. All the passengers were queued through a long corridor (you had to get there first) and then there was a wait on several flights of stairs no matter whether you were ambulant or not, mothers with babes etc. There was a major health and safety issue there but one which no airport staff member took heed of. This was the method of controlling the movement of passengers via the one member of ground staff who could be found to handle boarding requirements.

I have just answered the phone and lost my train of thought. I did notice some shadowy outlines through the glass door near where the phone is fixed. To my surprise I found that the post had been delivered, early (for us). We are used to getting mail here after 2pm and on occasion at tea time. The mail is placed in the section box opposite the house between 0930-10am. But, today I got post -mostly bills- before 12.20pm - amazing!!

As this is my first blog, I am not sure if there is a protocol for signing off.

This Post was posted at 12. 20pm and not 11.30 am as printed. I did change the time setting but it obviously did not register.

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