Thursday, October 13, 2005

No3 Distractions
As I was busy with other things this morning, at this moment of writing,I do not know what Woman's Hour's blogger got up to. Perhaps I'll tune into radio 4 tonight and catch up with it then. If not, I'll continue to blog while I listen on the internet - now that is apposite.

How can one fledgling create so many waves? We had just been lulled into a comfortable place after the last lot of disruption to our quiet-ish lives when a panic-stricken call came through with the voice several notches higher than usual and speech the speed of light. I arranged to call back later when said fledgling is in a position to have a chat hopefully,with a reasonable speed of vocal expression,so I can understand what's happening

I think I am distracted, in fact I know I am, no point in being in denial about it. A brief appointment I had mentally noted for this afternoon is actually for next week. Fortunately, it was not a major event. It was nice to get parked even if the car park was empty for a good reason - everyone is on holiday! Ho hum.

Replies to posts of different sorts have taken up a bit of time today so my post has been singularly lacking in attention

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