Sunday, June 04, 2006

Myths - v- Reality?

Various religious groups have demanded that Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci code should have a disclaimer printed on it to the effect that "This story is fiction." Ian MaKellan, who acts in the film has commented that he hopes, in that case, the same disclaimer will be applied to the Bible.

Surely, if there is no foundation to the underlying story, why all the episcopal fuss? Obviously, The Holy Blood and Holy Grail originally published in 1982, now republished and having been featured as BBC Radio 4 book of the week recently, is not as feared, yet this book it would seem, is one of the foundation works for the current spawning of similar stories to Dan Brown's book; it was a book credited in Dan Brown's work.

Perhaps what worries the various theological thinkers most, is the high exposure that both the book of The Da Vinci Code and the film are receiving and that some people may just start to consider that there could be something worth thinking about in these new myths that is more interesting than what is contained in the old ones.

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