Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I had a notification recently that ..."your blogs had been transferred to a new platform, which would be instantly intuitive". I puzzled over this phenomenon.

  • Which blogs were those?
  • Where did I post them?
  • Which blog site was that?
  • Were they really mine?
  • When?

As I was engaged in domestic issues and negotiating my pathways back into Blogger, I forgot about the transferring of 'my blogs' email, till tonight, when was checking my email list. Ho hum, the only thing to do was to click on the link and find out.

As you do, I was required to sign in. Ooops, what was my username, my password. I sat and stared into my screen, hoping a sign would jump out. Of course, it didn't. Nothing for it but to entertain a bit of guesswork. It was like trying to remember the number code for a bicycle chain lock..........and I've done that recently too. Eventually, I got there to discover 5 blogs of very little consequence. At post number two wondered why I wrote them. The next one gave me the answer. All you blog administrators lock your eyes on this:

I actually wrote that because I had received such a prompt, kind, and helpful reply to an administration query, I would try using the blog site. Sadly, my posting career on that site was short-lived, just two more posts.

It was like looking at a shadow of what could have been - eerie. And I still do not know what the original site was called.

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