Thursday, September 03, 2009


Met dogs with their usual human today.  Black and white Gingi looked quite smart with new fur makeover, but was badly behaved . This Gingi, who meandered around on a lead amongst the cattle and their calves at the weekend, who was calm and biddable then,  and with a different doggy walker, (just as well)  was nowhere to be seen today.  Oddball, the newest and youngest at 9 months, was a calm dog, quickly learning bad behaviours from Gingi.  Why?  Because their usual, totally daft human, walks around with  them, wearing a coat that has large and deep pockets, stuffed with doggie biscuit treats.  He sees this bribery and stuffing of his dogs as being  beneficent.

In future, when these dogs come into view with their human feeding machine, I shall make every effort to be pleasant but stay on the move.  Gingi won't then, have the opportunity for barking, jumping and shoving snout at man leg, just close to where lies the dog treats pocket.


Vincent said...

A number of pleasant ambiguities in this, such as the possibility of multiple dogs called Gingi or of the Gingi breed; and who is the owner of "man leg": ZACL (destroying my previous assumption) or "totally daft human" (not ZACL)? I do love a mystery. Please don't tell me the answers.

ZACL said...


I shall just say, I do not own any dogs. I like animals, and these two dogs have lovely characteristics when they are not in tow with their usual 'human'.

Ugh, it's started to rain, I'd better rescue my washing from the line....cheers!