Sunday, October 04, 2009


The safest place for me to be on Saturday 3rd October 2009, was at home.  A storm was raging outside - euphemistically described as a 'severe gale' by the Meteorological Office -  and it was whipping up into even greater fury.

It was just the right time to sort out the kitchen drawers in which I keep my preparation and cooking equipment; scoops, spatulas of many varieties, brushes,  a garlic press or two, serving tongs,  paring and peeling knives and more besides.   I rolled up my sleeves to sort out the gadgetry from the toys.

There were metal BBQ  skewers,  there were wooden ones galore, more than we'd ever use in a lifetime.  By the looks of things, they appeared to have procreated their numbers!  The metal ones were removed to other suitable places and the wooden varieties were pared down to sensible numbers.  The collection of wooden chopsticks were also reduced.  Just how many pairs of those does one small household need!

Being firm with myself, I then surveyed the tools. There was no point in keeping anything that had not been used or was past its best.  The tools I don't use that are preferred by hubby or sprog, when sprog's home, had to stay.  By now the 'disposables' were moving out very smoothly and the no longer wanted 'usables' were packed up for my favourite charity shop.

Last, but not least, the drawer liners came out so they and the drawers could be cleaned........"So that was the safe place I put the wire guard".  A favourite knife could now be brought back into use.  But- what else did I find, two alternative knives that were meant to fill the breach, (the heir and one to spare principle). 

Oh dear, my favoured wee knife was back on sale in the last eighteen months so I bought one, then I recently purchased another to replace one of the cheaper varieties that had started to deteriorate.  Now, with those extra knives that I discovered, which had been hidden by all the unnecessary stuff I had just cleared, I have rather more than I bargained for.


TG said...

Wow, so now you have so many knives. What do you intend to do with them? Are you a famous chef? Hehe...

ZACL said...


Famous chef, no, not yet anyway. Knives will not deteriorate as quickly as they used to, if they are rotated in use in their present numbers. I'll have to think about it.