Saturday, November 07, 2009

Depending which side you were on, a person was either labelled a freedom fighter or a terrorist. In that regard, we have just been paying annual homage to Guy Fawkes with the usual pyrotechnic displays, officially centred on a bonfire with an effigy on it, called a 'Guy'. No prizes for guessing why. These days what are we celebrating?

The French don't ritually burn Jeanne D'Arc - who died at the stake - every year. But, we ritually ignite a long forgotten character who had every intention of blowing up the mother of all parliament's together with all who sat in her chamber, including the king.

Nowadays, November the 5th is just an excuse to brighten up dark nights with a bonfire, buy and let off a few bangers sparklers and any other gunpowder designs in a firework. Who understands or bothers with;
"Please to remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot".


adamantixx said...

Guy Fawkes may have been many things but at least he didn't ruin the peace of innocent folk trying to watch tv with a series of loud whizzes and bangs...if only he'd left well alone.

ZACL said...

Too true Ax. We had organized whizz bangs on the 4th, together with domestic arrangements. Last night, 7th November, we had a major community celebration, which we heard lots of but did not see. (I shall blog on this very soon). The amount and the levels of sound of the bangs was unreal.

We're in a farming area. I had real concerns for the animals and house pets within close range of all of the major whizz bangs.

TG said...

I checked Wikipedia about this man, I didn't know him before. Now I wonder how do British see him, as a terrorist or freedom fighter? His means do seem to be extreme.

ZACL said...

Hello MKL,

I am not aware of any modern surveys that would answer your interesting question. Guy Fawkes' night, as it is called in some parts, is seen as an opportunity to light up a Winter's night, let off fireworks of all kinds. It has become an excuse for a party - I have done it with neighbours, baked potatoes on the fire etc when I lived in a city - but the reason behind the event appears to be long forgotten.