Thursday, November 12, 2009


Tonight I have my computer up and running.  I tried not to think about the dark screen during the day, with its horrid message that I saw at least four times this morning.  The message essentially told me that there was a corruption in my system and I could try following the system prompts using my disks to boot up.  After three attempts, with the optical drive sounding like it had indigestion, I stopped trying to be a technician.  I telephoned my helpful local expert, who, as luck would have it, was at the end of a phone.  " Oh dear... how about if I come to see you about 7pm tonight"... That was absolutely fine by me. 

The computer system problem lay in a small area of the registry.  It wasn't even a major problem, but it was enough to screw up the automatic booting up of my computer.  While sorting out another little quirk that had developed, my screen saver disappeared.  It is now back in place, but not before it was reloaded.  I shall have to delete the defunct link, but not tonight.  It's not important enough to lose sleep over.  My computer is up and running, for now, and that is the main irksome issue resolved.

My friendly expert took his opportunity to tell me I should get all singing, dancing, speedy new equipment.  I think he got the message, that for now, I am not able to be persuaded.  I've got my present system up and running and long may it stay that way.


TG said...

For me, if my computer had something like that, I'd be very nervous. My laptop is so slow lately and even crashes, I'm so afraid it might die. Oh no! I need it.. -_- I'm lost without it. OMG, where did humanity end up in 2009????

ZACL said...

We are walking towards 2010 MKL!

Yes, we have come to rely so much on computer technology for so many things, it is almost like losing our own personal digit if it fails.

If your laptop is slow, you might benefit from, doing some essential back ups of files, undertaking a defragmentation and a disk clean. Also, your temp files could be in need of attention. I do look at mine fairly often. I tend to keep my graphics to a simple level. Not too numerous.

Other than those things I've suggested to speed things up a bit, your system might be a similar age to mine, and just be sedate :)

I must admit, I was a bit nervous about what might happen with the computer. So far, all is well.

Vincent said...

MKL you probably need more memory (RAM)

adamantixx said...

i'm glad that your computer is up and running again, let's hope it has many years left in it yet!
to be suddenly denied internet access is one of modern lifes most annoying experiences.

ZACL said...

Hi Vincent,

I wondered about RAM, but then, my friendly expert has nursed my computer along for a long time, (not frequently) and done a number of feasible upgrades for me, including memory. He is satisfied that how I use my system is fine for the hardware I have. He was more curious about the broken link, as I am.

ZACL said...

Hi Ax,

How're you doing?

My main concern was, believe it or not, denial of access to some of my folders a few emails and some digital material.

Further discussion with my friendly expert means I shall have to expand my backing up processes.

For the moment, the PC is bouncing along quietly and behaving reasonably well.