Wednesday, December 09, 2009


The ingredients were all there, the surprises, the magic, the traditional pantomime dame, (British style, of course) comic local references, good giggly humour, lots of audience participation and some wonderful kids from the audience, who made great little impromptu comedians.

There was a talented cast of adult who who were encouraging the newer amateur dramatists to develop for future roles.  There were lots of dancers from the local population, real looking people, not audited 'beautiful people'.  Their enthusiasm, the obvious fun they had while dancing, was infectious.

This is the Pantomime season here, in the run up to Christmas.  There is one more local pantomime to enjoy this week. Quite honestly, I have no desire to go to a professional performance, not when I can support great local talent, and have such a happy,lovely, fun time, shared with lots of other people and their children, all within reach of home.


Anonymous said...

Amateur pantos are much more enjoyable to both take part in and to watch! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F,

I was chatting to a locally born playwright tonight, gaining his views on pantomime. Sad to say, he was rather cynical. I think I did pull him back to kiddies' reality when I described some of the repartee that went on the other night.
:) xx