Sunday, January 31, 2010


Within living memory, to name some, we have had Pol Phot, Karadjic, Idi Amin,Taylor and Saddam Hussein; we know of Hitler and Stalin. The affects of them and latter two still live with us. 

The latest enquiry into the Iraq war is throwing up some interesting settling of political scores. Whether we agree or not with this country's motives for being led into war in Iraq, I cannot agree that Tony Blair can in any way be described in the same mould as any of those people I have named above. There has been more than a hint of over-emotive description dying to burst forth, to suit media purposes, no doubt. Being measured and keeping a perspective, doesn't sell newspapers, earn online subscriptions or keep an audience. Being reflective and balanced would never do would it!

Let me say clearly here, that I am not a personal fan of any politician; that does not mean though that I cannot consider the character comparisons that are being suggested against the reality.


TG said...

I also wouldn't compare Tony Blair to those above, but it's hard to say that he doesn't have (figuratively speaking) blood on his hands. Too many innocent people died and generations will be affected. And a lot of money was thrown away for this mess, it could have been used in other parts of the world... well.. I'm a bit weary of this Iraq situation. I try to ignore it.

ZACL said...


Thank you for looking at the direct point I made. It is not an easy situation, conflict never is.

Any leader involved in any war has blood on his hands. It is a question of why, it is also a question of degree. It is quite possible that the motives for entering the war arena will remain questionable. What is is clear though is, like those other sick-minded men mentioned in my para.1. Saddam Hussein was prepared to use weaponry and toxins, (gas) to murder people in huge numbers, many, many of them in Iraq.

It worries me that people switch off because they do get conflict and disaster weary. That gives carte blanche for atrocities to continue unabated and disasters to be unattended well after the event, when assistance and care is all the more required. It is important that we don't ignore what is happening....

Individually, and politically, I feel we have a responsibility to be aware and speak out and do what little we can.

It is a big,big subject. For the time being, I am clear, as you are, that Blair cannot be tarred with the same character brush as those names first mentioned in my post, or others like them.