Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It was painful being out this afternoon. Wind chill; I thought I had got used to it, but then today's outing made me wonder.

Thinking back on it, I pegged some washing out on my line this morning. I reckoned there was enough of a 'breeze' to encourage some drying even if the tips of the grass did look frosted. As my hands became quickly stiffened up with the cold, one by one, I dropped items of washing. Brrrr.... I hastened back in the house, but, the washing - not a lot - was out to dry.

Back to this afternoon; we thought it would be a nice togetherness to be out in the winter sun, enjoying some of the brightness that is so sought after in these parts in the Winter months. Even though I was well padded up, it felt as if I couldn't pull my bright red beret down far enough to feel warm around the ears. I even wished for a scarf, yet my collar has an inner knitted band!!! Mini winds (not breezes) cold blasted like a sharp razor into you. Why was my cerise woolly balaclava languishing on a shelf, instead of covering my face and head?

Acknowledging that this outing was giving us a bit more than we bargained for, we thought about a bottle of mulled wine languishing in a cupboard and decided to go home.


Anonymous said...

Brrr, I felt cold just reading this post! I don't mind the cold weather providing that it's not wet or windy.
Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

Gee it was really cold and today was no better. In fact it was horrid, no really nice light today, dull and almost twilight-ish all and truly dark quite early..

I did sport a scarf today and a really big lambswool hat that covered ears and jaw. You know what, I actually felt cosy.


Anonymous said...

it sounds like one of those fluffy Russian hats would be in order but i bet that mulled wine tasted good back indoors.

ZACL said...

Funny you should say that Ax. I do have two really big fluffy sheepskin hats; one is my light Dr Zhivago type, and the other, not a dissimilar height capacity and fluffiness,which is very dark brown, I wore today.

The mulled wine was really smashing. It reached the parts that other drinks can't!