Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Has anyone, who uses Gmail and Google for various forms of communication discovered how to opt out of 'Buzz'?

There appears to be an automatic opt-in which has caused uproar and was thrust upon the public against the advice, (and warnings) of people who deal with privacy issues, no doubt, a great number of them being experts.

The story goes that 20,000 Google operatives excitedly tested Buzz, the allegedly new alternative to other well known chat fora, like Facebook and Bebo.  They concurred with the Google boys creating the new Google toys that it was the bees knees and would be the greatest thing since sliced bread came on the scene. They clearly failed to take account of the real worlds of people.

The spokesmen for Google clearly stated today on BBC Radio 4's media show that the Buzz opt-out, which was there all the time, but was well hidden, (suppressed buzzing you might say) is now more up front; in other words it should be visible. I am still seeking.

So back to my request; please has anyone discovered how to opt out of Buzz?
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Look down at bottom and it's along the line that starts 'Google Mail view:' Flighty xx

zewt said...

my sentiments exactly... when it first came out, i thought they already asked whether we want it or not. i clicked no and it's still there.

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

Instruction clear, action done. Further reply in other place.


ZACL said...

Hi Zewt,

How are you?

It is not an honourable way to behave. I really do believe we will have to be very careful with all these providers. Opting out means international, or national mass protest. It is not good.

TG said...

I only heard bad things about Buzz, but even, if it was good, I wouldn't be interested.

I love Twitter. It's more than enough for me to send short messages to my friends. Facebook is for sharing photos privately. I don't need more. And the rest I express on my blog or in personal emails.

Leah said...

Have you figured it out?

I found in gmail under the message section in the middle is a toggle "turn on buzz" "turn off buzz" depending on what your current setting is. It's right next to whether you want to turn on or chat.

I too don't like it. I don't mix social networking and email. I wrote to them saying they need to make things like this opt-in, not opt-out. You'd think places would learn this. *shakes head*

Pinknpurplelizard said...

I only know how to turn it off. Its at the bottom of the page. A link is there to turn it off. You can change certain things in the settings area on what you wanna display, etc but yet its still not quite as private as some of us like it to be.

I didn't like Buzz either coz it allows strangers to add u (like weirdo political activists) and view who's following you.

ZACL said...


I understand your thinking. You can have too many social connections which dilutes the whole communication pleasure. Buzz is obviously on a bandwagon wanting some of the social chat site interaction, whether you want it or not!! Not for me either.

ZACL said...

Hello Leah,

When I blogged about Buzz, I had just heard the BBC take issue with Google about this opt out game with Buzz. Google had deliberately made it difficult to find an opt out. I went on line, tweaked a bit but was a bit too quick for Google's changed behaviour!!

With the advice I got from everyone, I returned online to Google and found the placement of the opt out. As you say, you would think organisations, even those that think they have the world sewn up in their favour, would learn a little humility ever so occasionally. Maybe that's too much to hope for.

ZACL said...

Hi PnPL,

Thank you so much for visiting and sharing.

The privacy issue is a big thing. I didn't like the way contacts were automatically linked to me etc. I switched that off very quickly. I have not opted out and switched off Buzz. I definitely do not want it. I am quite happy with my blog for making contact with people.

Bye just now.

Leah said...

Ah, so they changed it after you tried to find it. I'm glad that they listened at least. BTW, it looks like you got spammed above. Guess I should check my comments too.

ZACL said...

Thanks Leah,

That's the third time with that same nuisance, (me being ever so polite!) I caught the other two. I shall have to fire off spam alerts to isn't that perverse.

Google have had to listen to some organizations, for the time being.