Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The new lamb was rejected by her mum. She has found a foster mum while other suitable arrangements are being sorted out. 

May I introduce little Ella to you, as she was introduced to me.
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While a new woolly family is awaited, Ella lamb will be bottle fed and closely watched over by her carer.


Leah said...

Very cute. May she grow well and strong.

ZACL said...

A chat with the farmer was very reassuring.

Anonymous said...

There's something a little bit special about orphaned or rejected lambs isn't there! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

I agree Mr F. If they are unable to be fostered by another ewe, they become 'pet' lambs, very imprinted on humans, behave somewhat differently in communication with humans, in comparison to other lambs, and usually, don't seem to grow as big as they might if fed by a ewe. They can be quite amusing to observe.

It is in every crofter's and farmer's interests to attempt to attach orphaned or rejected lambs to another woolly mother.


TG said...

She has the same name like my sister, hehe. May she grow chubby and be happy ;)

ZACL said...

I'm sure Ella lamb will be okay. The farmer was intending to introduce her to another ewe, as soon as possible, hoping she would take the rejected lamb as one of her own. :)