Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ten dollars entry payment to the U.S.A. is being proposed.  The  Travel Promotion Act, which is to form a new 'promote the USA' organization (an international tourism sales driver) is going through American legislature right now and is expected to be signed by the President, very soon.
It is, it seems to me, another travel tax to impose on visitors for the sole purpose of  paying for an organisation that sells the USA; there is no evidence that suggests visitors will benefit directly or indirectly in any meaningful manner

Some emerging economies have an entry levy of a nominal sum, money which has to assist caring for sights of international interest, not for paying for top heavy administration and blatant travel promotion exercises and any other allegedly aligned interests.  With enough visitor numbers, this proposed tourist entry levy is a money-spinner.  It is not clear, however how this honey pot will controlled and managed.

Perhaps we should all follow suit and extract additional monies for pet government/federal projects from people who visit our shores.  


Anonymous said...

That's a typical revenue raising ploy.
I'm glad that I no longer travel abroad, and I no longer even have a valid passport!
The cost and endless hassle involved nowadays is so off putting, and thankfully I'm happy to stay at home.
Flighty xx

ZACL said...

You are so right about the cost and endless hassle, hassle being the worst ever,in modern air travel.

And yes, I agree with you about the revenue raising ploy.

Anonymous said...

i can see the point regarding the poorer nations and their tourist attractions but surely the U.S makes quite enough already from its visitors?

it doesn't affect me though as i'm pretty much a stay-at-home type and perfectly contented that way.

ZACL said...

I would have thought the USA could have left people kindly disposed to visit their shores, alone. We are all up to the hilt with taxes.

But, in this country, the main media and by association, Government, seem to be besotted with all things American, and that being the case, I for one, would not object to American Tourists reciprocating in the same way, for more transparently useful purposes.

TG said...

Everywhere you go, they find a way to take off your money little by little. Tourists are only seen as ATMs and where the money goes is very uncertain. It's a shame!

ZACL said...

Well said, MKL. It does not make you feel welcome does it, just your money is welcome, if you have any left.