Sunday, March 14, 2010


It is Mother's Day in the U.K. There are different dates around the world for celebrating mums, that is, cultures where mums are venerated. I wonder how aware people are of this. June each year, wonderful bouquets appear at one lady's door,which are ordered from Canada. She beams when explaining why they have appeared. I do wonder how she feels about the commemorations happening around her here in the UK on Mothering Sunday, 14th March, which will also be signalled in the church service she attends. I can't help but think she does feel an emptiness. The lady won't say.

I think about the people of all ages who have no mums to spoil, not even for a day. I feel for people who are recently bereaved. My mother died some years ago. There were two other very special ladies who have also gone. I think of all three regularly, not just on a nominated day. True, my mother has a different and extraordinary link that no-one else can step into or replace. That said, the three ladies in my life have all left indelible and marvellous memories. In their own distinctive manners, they greatly influenced my life.


Marie said...

Warm wishes to all mothers everywhere x

Jennytc said...

Like you, my mum died several years ago and I think of her on many other days in the year, not just today, but today, I am also thinking of my son who died last summer. No chance of hearing his voice on the phone wishing me Happy Mother's Day this year or again. I miss him so much.

ZACL said...

Hi Marie,


ZACL said...

Hello Jennyta,

Thanks for sharing your comment.

I thought about the missing children in peoples lives, though I did not write about this aspect in my post. It is sad and painful.