Saturday, March 13, 2010


It tastes lovely, said hubby..........  I allowed a little smile.
Why is it so white? ....... My attempts at carefully masking the anaemic colour with a little turmeric had obviously failed.

It's at those moments of mini potential cooking disasters, when a hundred and one thoughts come to mind at high speed. 

Well, I explained, ... all the contents of the pot of cream plopped out into the pan. I turned the little pot to take out a couple of spoonfuls and it all slid out.  I saw the little top hat of cream sitting on top of the fish and just decided to go with the flow.


Anonymous said...

i've been there myself numerous times: putting too much of something in then desperately trying to add other ingredients to compensate...usually without success!

i hope your post about cooking disasters isn't a bad omen as our sons are cooking the roast today for their mother.

ZACL said...

I commend you on your culinary exercizes.

I'm cooking as usual, all offspring elsewhere and not well placed for a home visit.

I'm reversing the food presentations. Lunch is head soup, (hope it tastes okay) and baked, stuffed apples to follow. As I've no cream left from yesterday's cooking event, I might make some custard. Our main course will be tonight's meal. I shall pray. ;)

Anonymous said...

i hope it all went smoothly, you can't go wrong with custard!

ZACL said...

The head soup was right for a cold day, though it was commented upon as being 'a bit thin'. A second bowl of 'gruel' was consumed.

It's easy to go wrong with custard, I don't usually have any problem with it. In the end I used up some plain yoghurt and added some flavours to it.

We were ready for the main course tonight. Being the chef, the best I can say, is, it went well, and was apparently enjoyed.

I guess father's day will take a similar path, we'll just enjoy sitting down for our meal, together.

I am sure you had a great time with your two chefs. You'll have to spill the beans on the menu on offer.

:) x

zewt said...

hahahaha... the husband shouldnt complain...oh, he's not, is he?

ZACL said...

Hi Zewt,

No, he wasn't complaining, you're right. :)