Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Weeding the little patch at the front of the house has been accomplished.  I'm not sure why, this time it has been much easier than than on previous occasions, bar the removal of two rather large nettles.  The gloves weren't quite heavy duty enough for them, (ouch!)

Not recognising my own peony rose in its rather denuded and dwarfed form, I hacked at what seemed to be some unusual growth.  No doubt that will completely stunt any growth for this year. I wonder if the peony plant will benefit by my unfortunate action, for the following year. 

There was a glazed ceramic bowl I had forgotten about, a gift with some wallflowers in it.  I was told that the pot was not frost-proof.  I think I have disproved that advice.  We have just had the longest and coldest Winter on record for 32 years; the pot is intact, not a crack in sight.  The plants did not survive; the compost was fine for recycling into the earth of the patch I worked on.  The bowl has been put to one side, till I decide what to use it for this year.

A large deep rectangular plastic growing receptacle provided a lot more additional compost for the front patch.  It had been used for growing a variety of salad leaves last year.  It did well, growing prolifically with more than I could use.  I had a good try!  The mixed leaves, some with  frilly edges,  others with their various colours, make for interesting salad designs and presentations. Add to those, parsley both flat and curly, fresh mint leaves and lemon flavoured leaves, the flavours begin to lift and suffuse through the taste buds as you eat.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you've been speed weeding...see Bliss's post for yesterday, she on my lawn loungers list.
Your peony should be okay but don't expect it to do much this year!
You were lucky with the pot as presumably the compost didn't get too wet then freeze. Had it done so then it would almost certainly have cracked.
I'm growing mixed salad leaves this year rather than just the red frilly lettuce. Flighty xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was me growing red frilly lettuce not you!
Peonies are lovely but sadly, as you say, don't last long especially if it there's rain or wind! Flighty xx