Wednesday, March 31, 2010


There have been so many foul things happening,it made me hesitant to write a post today.
As you will know, many areas of these isles have been lashed with severe weather conditions which has brought about accidents, injury and death. Over 30,000 people in Ireland were without electricity at one stage in Mother Nature's rampage. Likewise, there have been about 15,000 home affected in Scotland.

I ventured out today to buy some essentials. I purchased what I wanted, sufficient to last till Friday or Saturday, by which time, I hope, there will be some routines re-established in commerce. People were not stocking up as if for a siege, like some do at Christmas and Hogmanay. In general, people were being considerate for others. Delivery vehicles have been stuck due to many road closures. In areas where there is only one way in, it demonstrates to the inhabitants how vulnerable they can be. 

The disruption affects the deliveries of medical supplies, patients who have to travel to hospitals great distances from home for treatments, for example, those who require haemodialysis (kidney failure patients) usually two or three times a week. In risky weather and road conditions, it cannot be done. Our county hospital doesn't have sufficient hotbed space for any more haemodialysis patients - it has maximum twelve spaces, and that was an increase in numbers after a recent outcry - I dread to think how that dilemma is resolved in very severe weather.

For us, the good news so far this week, is that friends of ours in Moscow, who use both the metro stations affected by the bombings, are safe and well. Needless to say, the atrocity was evocative of the London Transport underground and bus bombs. It was a relief to know our friends were physically unaffected, however, I am very sad about the many people who are not.


Anonymous said...

One way and another it's not been a good week for many people. Let's hope that the weekend sees an improvement!
Happy Easter! xx

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F,

You are correct in what you say.

Happy holidays to you!

TG said...

Wow, weather is bonkers lately. Here in Taipei one day is summer, next day is rainy like October. I dread to see the typhoon here, the winds these days are crazy.

Happy to hear your friends were safe.

ZACL said...


Thank you so much for your kind comments.

The weather is up the creek. We can get snow in the UK at Easter, but Arctic conditions and blizzards are rare.

I can imagine you would want to avoid the typhoon season. Not a pleasant thought is it.