Saturday, May 22, 2010


At the garden centre I noticed some bags of volcanic minerals ash for sale. They were not getting on the band wagon to make a quick buck. This bagged item was available to feed your ground, by you expending some money, and your own energy, digging in natural minerals to be found in volcanic ash. I somehow think, that this year, sales in volcanic ash garden products will be vastly reduced.

You could say that every element seems to find another, in this case, for gardeners and allotment owners, it's a silver lined one.


Anonymous said...

i fully expect the gardens of Britain, particularly Scotland & northern England, to be absolutely magnificent next spring after this years heaven-sent tonic.

ZACL said...

We wait with baited breath on that thought Ax, perhaps next year rather than this one. Your Southern airports were closed, I therefore expect you should be proud acquisitors and beneficiaries of the said mineral ash too.