Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I don't believe it!  I want to change the default pin code (factory set) on my cell phone.  The steps worked fine with the old phone, (same model) and in guiding the OH to set his, again, the same type of phone.               Oh Bu ** er!!!! and **** !  I'm locked out and I haven't got the sim card phone number. "Please enter your PUK" the phone demands.  I can't do that either, I've put the card information in a safe place. Like all safe places, I cannot remember where it is.  I desperately need the unlocking code.

I get cheaper texts on my pay-as-you-go card. I use the [locked] sim in another old phone. My texting life is underwhelming.  Is there is any useful history from anyone to whom I have sent a text: no such luck. The phone company can't help without the sim phone number. At this point I explode into more expletives I won't bore you with. 

Just as I decide to buy a new sim card and make a serious mental promise to myself to put the telephone number in several places, there's a breakthrough! .... OH remembers he made a note of my 'text phone' number on his old discarded phone. Eureka! :yes:


Anonymous said...

good to see your ongoing battle with technology is still raging!

keeping things in a safe place is always a risky business as they often prove so well hidden as to never again see the light of day.

ZACL said...

Raging with I.T. increases the will to charge on anew. (Ugh). Why the steps didn't work for me this time,for tapping in personal pins, I do not understand. the technology actually asked me for the new pin after I'd unlocked the darn thing.

Safe places need a book to note down in it, where they are.

Harry said...

I presume that the number stored on OH's phone was correct!

ZACL said...

Hi Harry,

Thanks for commenting.

Nice observation :)

Yes, the number was correct and I now have an unlocked sim card. Great!!

As I have gifted my texting phone to OH I am now in the throes of obtaining another old one for the purpose. C'est la vie.