Thursday, July 01, 2010


A force six Southerly wind, overcast skies and rain greeted us this morning.  Then I managed to squirt some hair oil over the unmade bed.  Oh Sh**t! Nothing for it, but to strip the bed and get the bedding washed....and with the weather as it was, it meant using the tumble dryer. Hey ho.

Two dried sheets and some pillow cases later, the sun came out and, unbelievably, it stayed shining with the force six Southerly wind. The remainder of the bedding was pinned up on the washing line, with a bit of a windy push and shove. 

If the Meteorological Office is correct, the weekend forecast is said not to be up to much.  Oh well, in for a penny in for a pound; the next wash went on, all the towels, followed by two more wash loads. When I have finished writing this post,I shall nip out and bring in all the force six wind dried washing.


Anonymous said...

I'd welcome some rain here, but not the wind! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

It has taken some getting used to Mr F. Where you (and I) come from, regular winds are not something we're used to. I tend to be in agreement with you about the wind, it does get a bit much. Fortunately, these current winds are not creating a wind chill and keeping temperatures suppressed, as can happen. I heard it rained overnight and today was another glorious but breezy day. (Our breezes, btw, are your winds).