Monday, August 16, 2010


The threat of more rain requires me to take urgent action to get washing done and out on the line to dry while Mother Nature is being welcoming.  

I sometimes put out peanuts for the birds, even though this is the more fecund time of year when the birds can forage and find food for themselves.  They are regularly fed in Winter and Spring.  I have a firm belief that this consideration stopped the birds from depositing their calling cards on my washing  during the nesting and fledgling times during the Spring of 2010.  Every year, I have had to remove bird dropping from my drying laundry, but, not this year.

As I hung up the peanut holders for our feathered visitors, I noticed that there was more than a healthy crop of thistles against the fence, which were quite tall and ready to burst into bloom.  They were happily creating and recreating themselves around bunches of weeds and nettles.  Some quick but limited thought was given to dealing with these weed miscreants.  They are not welcome. 

Right,   this post stops here, the next wash load is ready to put out to dry.


Flighty said...

I hope that the washing dried and it didn't start raining again.
I know the it's recommended that birds are fed all year round but I tend to agree with you.
Thistles are nice to look at but a pain if they self seed! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F,

Not only are thistles a pain if they seed, they are a literal sharp pain if you unwittingly touch them, as are nettles.

I think the rain may arrive overnight, loads of washing went out to dry today.

The farmer took advantage to cut grass for hay and late evening a big agricultural beast arrived to bale the drying cut rows.