Thursday, October 28, 2010


What time wasters computers are! Today became the day I was inveigled into dealing with the computer glitch that has been outstanding for a month or so. (See recent post)

Restoring, the path I was advised to take, wasn't a problem, except that the system restore disk wouldn't do it, because my current operating system on the hard disk was more up-to-date than what was on the system restore disk!

Bless the second guy I spoke to at the company from whom the machine was purchased many years ago. I had to undertake a manual fix. But to do this, I had to get past a password screen for which, I had never been given a password. Typical...

I'll by-pass the fun and games (not!) of trying passwords that were 'not successful' and 'press enter', uncountable times. The nice man helping me, scoured paperwork for the company's old laptops that he had access to, and I did not. He found two more password possibilities. The second worked. We both breathed a sigh of relief.

Nice man, stayed on the line while we worked out together what the subsequent messages meant, in relation to the original restoration back up partition on the hard disk.

That part of the job done,the machine returned to its original operating image, like when new out of the box. Guess what..... programmes like the anti-virus would not install on the out-of-date operating system. I've now got to get the system up-to-speed with five years worth of updates and patches. At least I was able to set up the internet and email connections. I guess the weekend is spoken for now. :!:

We had a nice weather day today and I did not get out to benefit from it because of the time-consuming computer nonsense. The rain that was forecast has arrived.


Anonymous said...

Just keep telling yourself that it'll all be worthwhile once it's all done! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F.

Worthwhile for a certain other person.....yes!

Worthwhile to have my own unhindered space again.....yes!


Anonymous said...

computer problems must be the most maddening ever...they infuriate, exasperate and make my poor old head ache!

ZACL said...

My sympathies Ax, I also sincerely empathize with you!

I did get treated out to a light lunch today.....when we discussed mini niggles that needed examination. How much time does all that take....ugh. The not so mini niggle was transferring the email address book from one computer to another.

Having delete unwanted 'goodies' from downloads that seem almost impossible to avoid, I am now at the stage of looking at a system clean up. I trust, this will now be the final stage and that domestic life can get back to some normality.

keiko amano said...


Iida-san also had to recover his PC. This is the second post he put it out this week. I just wanted to let you know someone in other countries are also going through what you've been through.

ZACL said...

Hello Keiko,

Thank you for letting me know about the other blogger who is experiencing some of the frustrations that computers bring. I will look at his site and give him my sympathies.

How are you?

ZACL said...

PS I visited the url. As I could not interpret the lovely writing, I did something incorrect with the follow-through details (not the url) and my comment did not send. Pity.

Perhaps you could send the other sufferer my condolences, Keiko. Thank you.

keiko amano said...

Okay, ZACL. I will.

I'm well thank you. And I appreciate your thoughtful comments.