Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I am watching Ramsay's kitchen, tonight, 12th October 2010.  Ramsay is a U.K. celebrity chef.  The first part of the programme is focussed on a Thai restaurant in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. It is the home of Scotland's oldest University and home to a key tournament of golf in the golfing year.

I have to admit to have eaten at the St Andrews Thai restaurant twice, many months apart. The first visit was an exploration and was interesting.  The food was quite good, but in the family's view, not outstanding. We thought we might consider the restaurant for a second try, if and when we returned to St Andrews, if there was nothing else available that suited us. Not exactly what you would call a major reason for an encore, but there it was. It was okay enough for us to consider to use the restaurant again.

We should not have re-visited. We were seated in a very draughty area and it was in Winter. One couple left.  Their table was in a slightly worse position than ours, by the open first floor door.   Our platters were not served in a reasonable time. We thought of paying for our drinks and leaving when the first of the platters arrived.   The meals were all very salty to our tastes.  One dish was so heavily salted, after tasting it, we  thought that half the salt pig had been poured in.   It was awful!  The staff were called and the problem discussed. A replacement of the same dish was offered.   It was declined.  We were, therefore, offered a discount, which, when the bill arrived, amounted to £2 sterling, a fraction of the cost of the uneatable dish that we received.  Hardly appropriate compensation, we felt, for inedible food. The experience, literally left a bad taste.

We would not return ever again to the Thai restaurant in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland.  I cannot believe that place figured in Ramsay's kitchens as a great place to eat!  It makes me somewhat sceptical about the standards applied to the selection of the competing restaurants.  

Yes, the St. Andrews Thai Restaurant was amazing, amazingly awful!!


Anonymous said...

In view of the negative comments I so often hear about eating out I'm glad that I don't nowadays!
As for Mr Ramsay I think that he's a loud, and foul, mouthed bighead! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

I am inclined to your view Mr F. I have watched, three of his restaurant forays. It strikes me that he is not comfortable with being nice and encouraging to those people who lose out in the end selection he makes.

As for the primary selections for our TV delectation, as said, I am now highly sceptical about them.

Anonymous said...

the only reliable way to gauge a restaurant would be to look up what people say who've actually dined there, as you have done.

writing about them honestly is invaluable to others who might be considering them so thank-you on behalf of the potential feasters of Fife!

ZACL said...

Your point is a fair one Ax. I wonder how many people will get to read our experience of Namh Jim in St Andrews, Fife.

In contrast, we ate a couple of great Thai meals in Leeds. The eatery was nothing special to look at from outside, it was clean inside and was well attended by S.E.Asian diners and Westerners. We'd go there again.

St Andrews Partnership said...

I appreciate your point of view, and I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience of Nahm Jim and St Andrews.

To its credit, I'm a local resident and I've eaten there at least ten times in the past two years. It's always been fantastic - the sushi is delicious, as are the Japanese and Thai curries. I even took my husband there to celebrate his birthday and we had a fantastic time with one of their banquet options.

The service and food haven't always been of a nationally competitive standard, but I've never had a bad experience there. I hope you'd consider giving it another try next time you're in the area; I think it might surprise you!

ZACL said...

Thank you for your comments on Nahm Jim's. Sorry, we have been surprised enough in that establishment. We have had the pleasure of eating great Thai food in very understated Thai restaurants elsewhere in the UK, places to which we would happily return.

There are more delightful places to eat in, in and around St Andrews that provide a constant good standard and a pleasant eating environment.