Monday, December 06, 2010


The very best way to post about my December, thus far,is in Pictures.

The snow fell and fell in quantity. The garden remained pristine and the Leyandii were adorned in a thick white coat.

P1030455 copy neighbour's gdn

This bird became a regular visitor, with others, to the feeding post we provided.
P1030459 Robin copy

Our other neighbour, the farmer took feed to his livestock as the snow prevented the sheep from being able to feed on grass. The feed was grown on the farm, then baled by the farmer just a couple of months ago. (It has been a difficult growing year because of low temperatures).
P1030460 bales for livestock

Last Friday the 3rd December 2010, There was a buzz around the town.
P1030465 light sticks

we were 'invaded' by marauding Vikings who appeared out of the misty swirl of lights.
P1030468 copy marauders in the swirl

The fire torches suddenly lit up the dark night.
P1030479 lights up

The fire torch light procession stopped at the Viking Boat which was to be 'sacrificed' to the flames.
P1030490 copy Ritual Boat Burning

The next day, the 4th December was the town's annual fun day, when many local shops put on a bit of a show and/or offer a small discount on purchases for the day. 

A local pharmacy was 'boarded' and led by a pirate in full dress who did throw me a dastardly glare while I collected my photographic evidence of his take-over.
P1000007 FunDay Pharmacy copy

However, out at the front of house, a more genteel customer service was being offered by Minnie Mouse and Dorothy (from The Wizard of Oz).
P1000016 copy Fund Day Pharmacy

Meantime, in the menswear shop could it have been Drusilla I espied?
P1000019  fun men's shop copy

In the Gift wares/Do-It-Yourself store, Robin Hood and his merry men were busy. I was served by a buxom Friar Tuck, in the gift department, who was keeping the rest of Robin's band under surveillance. In the DIY department, I discovered Maid Marian, Robin's amour, all on her own. 

P1000022 Maid Marian 2 copy
She was very obliging.
P1000025 Temptress Md Marian

The story of Robin Hood and his 'merrinesses' will never be the same again!


keiko amano said...


I thought there were two parts to this blog. I kept looking for "Post a Comment" button after the snow photos. I love white snow. They are beautiful. And I'm glad to see people so joyous even in such heavy snow. They all look great. I wish I were there.

ZACL said...

You'd be more than welcome to participate keiko.

There will be some more snow photos. The batch of pictures posted, are from when the snow first fell in quantity in November, to the 'fun and games' at the end of last week. I thought it best to save a few for another post!

Anonymous said...

shopping definitely looks more fun there than here and a Viking longboat ceremony would've been particularly magnificent to behold!

ZACL said...

Shopping fun one day a year is a great experience when you're in a very small town. Some shop people don't dress up but they do get into the fun theme by having tins of sweets around for children to help themselves from. The DIY store gift department was even offering cocktail sized-pieces of home-baking and home made 'tablet', a type of fudge.

Anonymous said...

Nice post and photos! It looks like everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Thanks Mr F. The snow and very low temperatures are hanging around a bit too long for general comfort. Those of us who could get out, and go to the town centre were all glad of the break in the usual routines.