Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I should be £5 credit better off for my trouble, said the service operator at Amazon, based somewhere else in the world other than the U.K. I haven't checked the application of the credit to my account yet. My concerns were going to be escalated to the management group, I was told, also I was given an email address and a postal address for the managing director in the UK, so I could personally escalate my deep concerns. I will be sending a letter as I had a rubbish reply to my 'very urgent' email. It suggested that the reader had not read it properly and had probably pressed a button for a standard reply that had little relevance to the email.
What's this all about? I discovered via an email this afternoon that Amazon U.K. were going to use a delivery firm called Home Network Delivery Limited,(HNDL) to courier and deliver a high value item to me. Over the years I have chosen not to do mail order business with companies that use the firm. My experiences of their service past and recent, have been totally unacceptable. 

-I have found goods strewn around the back garden;
-parcels have been left on the back step while I was away for a period, no knowing how long they had been there;
- cartons left at the front door, again no idea when they were delivered;
- last year a guy at the door said his dad (in the van) would sign for our parcel on an electronic tracking device!!

There are uncountable numbers of Amazon customers who are dissatisfied with HNDL, who are posting on the Amazon site about their abysmal experiences. I cancelled my order, having realised my experiences were not isolated ones. I am now awaiting a refund. I have cited as my reason for cancellation, the use of HNDL for delivery of my order.

 I have also checked which delivery services are used by some other mail order retailers to supply what I wanted to buy. Sadly, a lot of reputable companies are now switching to HNDL in order to cut their costs. They will no longer have any business from me and from what I can see, an extremely large number of other unhappy people.


Anonymous said...

A sadly all to familiar story!
I shall note the company's name and hope that nothing gets delivered to me by them. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Please do make a note of the company Mr F. Because they are cheap and sloppy, more and more companies are using Home Delivery Network Ltd. It is sad.

Nothing is perfect, but I have had better experiences with many other courier services. This one organisation has miserably failed, time and time again. I am certainly not prepared to accept HNDL to deliver high value items

Bad Credit Loan said...

All the services depend upon the person. Some may be satisfied by their work but may be some other not. Their can be many experiences which make it unacceptable.

ZACL said...

BCD Thanks for visiting and for your comment.

ZACL said...

Just got a mail which should have been directed to this site advertising all the interlinked companies connected with the Home Delivery Network. All I can say is, be prepared! My experiences, deplorable as they are, are not isolated ones, far from it, and they have been repeated time and time again, for years.

ZACL said...

Mr F,

While making a note of the awful problems with HDNL deliveries, it may be as well to bear in mind that this company have part of not all of DHL now, they also market themselves as Yodel, to veer away from the HDNL reputation. It would be as well to check who this outfit connect up with.

John Lewis stopped using the company in December 2010.

ZACL said...

PS Mr F. ....typo... that should have read 'part *if* not all (not 'of')