Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is so ridiculous you couldn't dream it up...or, may be you could.

I received an email asking me to complete a survey  of my experience of a live chat experience with a utility company. At this juncture, I must enlighten you all to the fact that the live chat was dead, as dead as a Dodo. There were absolutely no vital signs. A crash team would have to have performed a miracle to resuscitate it.

I worked my way through the survey form process, much of which was irrelevant to the experience, and arrived at the last two questions.

Your Phone Number:
Your Email address:

Uh Oh......did this survey not arrive by email

I figured that as the utility company has my contact data in their records, the company should make an effort by expending a little natural energy, to check their customer database and that they could write to me. As the form with my vital words of wisdom could not be sent without completing the two boxes, I resorted to tricks and off it went. 

Next: I received an automated voice telephone call, except, I picked it up as a message on the answering machine. The call was, the voice said, in response to my request for telephone contact. What telephone contact request?  It would call back or I could pay for a call to them with the number given.


Anonymous said...

That's all too typical! I don't bother with such things anymore as I'm sure that they never change anything. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

You're probably right Mr F. Sometimes vigorously frank reports are picked up, what is done about them is another story!