Thursday, March 17, 2011


In somewhat numbed conversation with the dentist today. I was the numbed one. 
He was explaining why I would have had "excruci...excruci... (ating), high levels of pain."  On the other hand, I could not work my sentence round to 'crown', (my brain was a bit anesthetised I expect) so, I talked about 'dental prosthesis' instead. He nodded giving me a worldly-wise look and continued to discuss the pros and cons of the treatment thus far.

Conversationally-speaking, we got to a mutual understanding. Now I hope and wait for a comfortable conclusion.


Anonymous said...

I was at the dentist this week, thankfully just for a check-up and clean, and he's just the same.
They must enjoy one-sided conversations! Flighty xx

keiko amano said...


I was also at the dentist this week, and he suggested the receptionist to have me come in for a brushing teeth training. I made an appointment, but later cancelled. He blames my problem on the way I brush my teeth, but I disagree. It's a long story, so someday I'll make it a short story.

Good luck to your next visit to your dentist.

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

Glad your dental trip was just routine. Mine is a little more complex,not a story I will go into. However, the dentist and I were talking after all instruments were removed from my mouth, even if said mouth was numb and felt generally misshapen.

ZACL said...

Dentist's are so good at 'training' people who probably have had all sorts of advice and guidance over years, much of it changing with time, some of it conflicting and a lot of it, the same.

I moved from manual brushing to an electric/battery brush, it was my momentous change of oral hygiene habit. Apart from that, hearing all about my surmised history, obtained from the 'clues' in my mouth, every time I saw a dentist, became an exercise in being polite and switching off, at this stage of my teething life.