Monday, April 04, 2011


This morning I saw the cutest thing at the bird feeding post. I was so wrapped up with watching the interaction, I did not even think of grabbing a camera. A green finch alighted on one of the perches of a peanut holder. On the ground below head turned up expectantly, a wood-pigeon waited. Its patience was rewarded as the green finch pecked out bits of nut, turned to look down at the wood pigeon and let the pieces drop at its feet. This happened several times, then the green-finch carried on pecking and feeding itself, uninterrupted. 

Another wood pigeon espied the dropping of 'manna from heaven' and ventured towards the feeder post and its pigeon compatriot to see if it could muscle in on the favours awarded to the first pigeon. The unwelcome visitor was swiftly dismissed, by being chased off in no uncertain manner, for daring to attempt to muscle in the already claimed turf.


Anonymous said...

Watching the antics of birds can be so entertaining! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

Indeed it can be very rewarding seeing what birds get up to. I was hoping the Green Finch and its friend the Wood Pigeon (I wonder how they tell each other apart!) would return; so far I have only seen the occasional single small bird and a rook or two, the latter not being much interested in the food,