Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The Phone rings.


Can I speak to Ms Pollyana Smith?
says a male Scottish accented voice.
Whose calling?
Answered with speed.....??????Research.
Regarding what? .......It's about Ms Smith's Bank. May I speak to Ms Pollyana Smith?
Who did you say you were?
Centre Three Research.....I've never heard of you......He repeats he wants to speak to Ms Pollyana Smith about her bank.
...And the bank is?......I can't tell you that, he says, till you confirm whether or not you are Ms Pollyana Smith.
How did you get this number? .....Again, I can't tell you that unless you confirm you are Ms Pollyana Smith.
No, I will not confirm that. :lalala:
The phone is replaced on its stand.


Anonymous said...

When I get calls like that I always just say hold on I'll get them for you, put the phone down and leave them hanging on until they get fed up and hang up. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

Your way is certainly a way forward. I heard of another one you might like, reverse security clearance:

"I'll have to security clear you".

I understand responses may be something like "we don't do that".

:) xx

Anonymous said...

other than just leaving them hanging on for ages is the simple option of not replacing your handset at all and thus not cutting-off the call.

the offender cannot dial out again until you do so.

worht a try providing you're not expecting a call yourself.

ZACL said...

Hi Ax,

I have heard of your approach. How long can you leave a phone in limbo before it starts screeching at you?

I received an echoing call from the Sub-continent today. Once I got my ear in, and muffled my echo, it was obvious (not clear) that I was being asked to participate in a consumer survey call. Whoever had called via a bot dial, I assume, did not try again. Anyway, I had calls to make, and could take my time on those.