Saturday, May 14, 2011


Social life in a village post office.

She was needing reassurance. "It's ma first day out wi'out ma wig...ah got some wispy beets at yon back that need cuttin'". She was assured that she and her natural elfin-style hair looked great. 

....How long did it take to grow?... I asked.

....Aboot fayve weyks, ah haid a raight bald 'ead wi bitty bits on before 'at ....

Five weeks, that's quick....says I.

Ma wig wer a beet beeger and fluffier laike, and I could wear yon beeg 'oop earrings wi' it. I had ter find sommut a beet smaller for ma ears ... wi yon beeg 'oops in ma ears wi' out ma wig, I looked like a heilan' kuh wi' its tags on.

(If anyone would like a translation I shall be happy to give it - just let me know).



Vincent said...

Did she have chemotherapy at some point? I noticed this post has reappeared several times. Other posts have done the same and Luciana says her previous comments have disappeared. Have you suffered the same thing?

No, I did not need translation. You've done a fine job of transliteration. Is it the local accent/Scots dialect?

ZACL said...

That's perceptive of you Vincent. Yes, the lady is still receiving chemotherapy. She said she had Herceptin injections,(hope that's the right spelling, otherwise that's transliteration)every three weeks at the present time. I was most impressed with her fortitude and sense of humour. She had the postmistress and I curled up with laughter.

The local brogue to the area where the lady lives, a few miles from where I do, is a little tougher to 'paint' than my transliteration indicates. It is a bit different to my immediate locality. The speech was also quite fast and for a moment I didn't absorb the full impact of what was said. But then, neither did the local postmistress. We both burst out laughing simultaneously. I think it was the complete unexpectedness of the self-focussed humour that took us by surprise that may have caused the slightly delayed reaction to it.

As for the post reappearing several times, I am mystified. I am not aware of any other comments on it.

Anonymous said...

There were problems on Blogger for a couple of days affecting posts going back to mid-week.
I'm sure that I read this post several days ago but not sure if I commented on it or not! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Your comment is interesting Mr F. This event only happened on the 12th and today is the 14th. I wonder if editing could have generated reiteration of the post. that said, it hasn't happened as far as I know, with others, so perhaps it was due to the blip you discovered.

Nice to hear from you.


TG said...

Funny, the way you write. I like the accent, but quite hard to understand. Kuh sounds like German "Kuh", which means cow. Am I right?

ZACL said...

Hello MKL,

I was writing as close to the type of speech used by the lady who said these things.

I'll translate for you:
"It's my first day out without my wig, I have got some wispy bits (of hair)at the back of my neck that need cutting"....

Length of time for hair that has grown,

..."About five weeks,my head was really bald with tiny bits (of hair)on top before that".

'My wig was a bit bigger and softer (than her hair as it is now)and I could wear big hoop (circular shaped) earrings with it. I had to find something a bit smaller for my ears...with big hoop earrings in my ears without my wig, I looked like a Highland cow with its tags on".


All farm animals likely to be transported anywhere, or sold on, have to have matching tags attached both ears with the same number on each tag, which matches numbers documentation, (known as an animal passport) which makes all movements of livestock, in theory, traceable.

Hope this makes it easier for you MKL.