Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I voted last week in peace and quiet. My sealed envelopes were handed over to the postmaster in his little dark corner of a post office, which doubles up as a village police station. The premises also provide second hand book sales, local information and village news, (Gossip). 

Unless he is in animated conversation with someone, in which case, you will be served without his searching pleasantries, you are unlikely to get away from the postmaster without some convivial information-gathering banter. His local knowledge must be invaluable, although, I think his descriptive powers would hampered by his dimly lit service area. 

I could so easily have been disarmingly entrapped into telling all. However, knowing how he operates, I determined that any conversation with the postmaster would, insofar as it could, be about anything but me. It's a long time since I visited, and the man did not show any recognition. While he managed to extract from me that I had an uncomfortable eye, excusing my not seeing the collection times, it was as far as he got. The postmaster gave me a quizzical look while scrutinising the postal vote correspondence. My head voice questioned whether he would dare to ask me anything about it. I am sure he would have loved to, it was soon clear however, that even he knew where the boundaries were drawn.>:XX

There is something intrinsically pleasing and comfortable about having already voted. I can rise above all the Alternative Vote  referendum information and disinformation, the political squabbles, the media, the hooha and hype....I'm out of it. The deed is done!


Vincent said...

Well done, thou democrat! K & I will be voting this evening. On the local elections it is tricky because I have promised one candidate my vote despite strong dislike for the party he supports - for we are friends and I helped him write his autobiography. But since there are three councillors in the ward, two of my votes will go to the party I support!

I suspect that you and I may be on opposing sides, so ’nough said, eh?

ZACL said...

Vincent, you're as bantering an information seeker as the postmaster in the little village I am visiting.

You will never know for sure the answer to the question you posed.

I understand the dilemma you could have, if indeed it is truly a dilemma. It appears you have a way through it. Emotional loyalties often skew what the head tells us

Anonymous said...

I voted on the way to the plot this morning and was the only voter there, which is a first! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

Were you the only voter at the polling station because it was the crack of dawn, or what? Could it be a sign of total and general apathy for the rest of the polling hours?

One side benefit was, you could, if you wanted to, take your time to make your marks in relative peace, and hassle free.

Frankly, I'm glad I had the quiet comfort a postal vote for the referendum and other electoral activities this time. Four years ago when something similar happened, (no AV referendum then)I found the whole process irritating, because many of the candidates on the voting papers set out to tactically confuse voters. One paper was almost the length of a bog roll.