Tuesday, May 24, 2011


He says there's no volcanic ash; he cannot find any. He is going to fly his planes!
They say, he probably believes the earth is flat.
Someone else says, you can't buy publicity like that...
His airline name gets a mention every time he makes some disingenuous pronouncement.
I say, who wants publicity like that....
He demonstrates a cavalier disregard for staff and passenger safety.

There is a dirty tinged yellow colour in the sky, it is like a light smog covers us.
For any disbelievers these pictures show a covering of volcanic dust from Iceland, which has dropped from the atmosphere.

The Car Windscreen:

The Car Roof



Anonymous said...

He's a loud mouthed idiot at the best of times! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Apt description Mr F. His protegée, Walsh, representing BA/Iberia, has taken it a few steps further with science-speak that has distinct gaps in its presentation and is meant to fool the public....sadly, they might be.