I reckon I've got Google Chrome under another guise. I've just downloaded the update for gmail, which up till very recently was a beta product that I was not interested in experimenting with. Although I downloaded Chrome, I have never opened it up. I really quite liked what I had got comfortably settled with.

Tabbed browsing has taken on a new lease of life. If I want to have two mail programmes open side by side, I can. This, I heard, was possible with Chrome too. I just have to get used to where everything is now. My eyes keep creeping up to the familiar places and find the old style tabs are not there. As well as these excitements, (ooh, I'd best be careful, in case it gets all too much to have in one go) there are some other goodies, like my bookmarks have upped sticks to another bit of the bar and I have a purple coloured icon for my 'most visited' places. As if that were not enough, there is a little orange square with a white outline of the letter 'B', associated with blogger. I'd swear the little character wanted to jump up and down. We'd better not get too frenzied about this. 

I understand that everything will work six times faster than it did before. How will I manage to keep up with it all, and at such a pace, it sounds positively speed of light: I guess I shall cope, I'll have to. (Wipes sweated brow). :crazy: