Monday, May 23, 2011


Oh boy! we're supposed to go out tonight, to a child's birthday tea. He lives on a very exposed hill. Storms are raging. Heavy rain has arrived as well. There have been destructive winds up to 100mph recorded south of where I live; mind you, I don't think we've fared much better. We just have fewer standing trees than most other places, therefore, there won't be the same devastating outcomes if trees are felled by these fearful winds. Undoubtedly there'll be structural hits. We have baited breath wondering if it will happen to us in our own exposed place. All our roof tiles are nailed down. Apart from hearing the whole roof move, we have never lost a tile. We did lose a concrete wall a few years ago, a heavy, pegged down Wendy House 'flew over the rainbow', landing in another part of the garden, and we sustained damage to the pebbledash/harling at the front of the house.

I hear all ferries to various islands have been cancelled, no surprise there. Better safe than sorry. Hopefully, any fishing boats have had time to get into a port or a safe haven. On land, bridges will be closed to all traffic in the current severe weather conditions. I truly hope any long distance truck drivers and their high-sided vehicles are parked securely off the roads. This is no time for pedestrians to be out walking either. 

As regards our outing, we will have to assess the weather conditions at the time.


Anonymous said...

doesn't sound too good right now, it's been very windy here today too but nothing to even threaten anything structural.

then there's that volcanic ash cloud on its way too?

ZACL said...

Hi Ax.

The Volcanic Ash is meant to arrive overnight. I wonder if it might be diluted with the driving winds, sleet and heavy rainfalls we are experiencing, not to mention storms. They may get worse. Ho hum.

Anonymous said...

Wild weather indeed! Did you come through it unscathed? Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F. We had power failures, which were not as long-lasting as some, precisely because our power lines don't have the added difficulty of laden trees close by that could bring the pylons and lines down.

When will they ever learn?