Thursday, June 16, 2011


 Out of the mouths of babes:

Junior was looking at some photos taken about nine years ago, noticing that dad was looking that much younger, sprog commented..... doesn't dad look old now.

And turning to me....... You've got on a bit too.

With a quick afterthought, junior added, I'm the only one in this family who is aging well!

Just wait till you get to our stage of life.
:yes: ;)

A N D :
Expressing genuine incredulity... more pearls slipping forth from the mouth of Junior.

"Mum it is incredible, you experienced the 60's the first time round!"


keiko amano said...


Last Thursday, I went to my local post office to send some used paperbacks to a friend of mine in Japan. The clerk who processed my package hasn’t aged at all. He looks exactly the same from 10 years ago. It’s amazing. After our greeting and handing him the package, I said to him,

"You haven't aged. What is your secret?"

He looked perplexed, holding a package.

"Let me know if you find out," a pretty female clerk chimed in from a distant away. She looked at us with her mischievous smile.

I guess he is famous of not aging. He still has black hair in a pony tail, always slim, and exactly as he used to look with his relaxed smile. I wish I were that way.

"What cream do you use?” I said after I paid the postage. .

“What? What kind of cream are you talking about?”

“Facial, of course.”

“No, I don’t put anything,” he said and twisted his smile.

“Do you practice yoga?”

“No. I sleep a lot.”

That’s what he said. So, I relayed this message to the other clerk there, and I’ve been trying to catch up my sleep since then. I decided to sleep as much as I can. Then I concluded that if we slept all the time, we wouldn’t worry about aging. So, the man’s secret to his youth could still be a solution, if we cared only ageing. But we don’t.

ZACL said...

Hi Keiko,

As you say, you post clerk doesn't need to concern himself with anything during the time he sleeps.

The question you believe him?

I'm still trying to work out how many 60's junior thinks I have lived through!! In the 1860's I wasn't even a speckle in a cloud, and we have not reached the 2060's yet, when in all probability, I won't be here.

keiko amano said...


I believe him that he sleeps well and obviously he doesn't concern much about ageing. Actually, I believe that neither you and your husband would overly concern about it. It's natural to talk about it once in a while between big news like volcano and tsunami.

I realized that I cut the first paragraph accidentally before I submitted my previous comment to you. I wrote something about all our ageing at the same rate. Nobody gets younger. This is the most fair thing in the universe. Knowing my children and other people growing older, it makes sense that I'm getting older. Otherwise, I'll be angry! Hee hee.

ZACL said...

Reality tells us exactly what you say Keiko.

Philosophically, some people have other thoughts about aging.

Cosmetically, there are even more ideas about aging.

keiko amano said...

A friend of mine wrote to me that men age less because they shave. So, I asked her if we should start shaving our face. She wrote back, "Eeeek" or something.

ZACL said...

LOL...should we shave? Depends I suppose on the individual and how they approach their natural care regime.

I wonder if ladies' facial skin would become leathery with regular shaving. I don't fancy finding out.