Saturday, September 03, 2011


Now here’s a story; it is a true story I heard about from from someone who was there.

A local man approaching his 90th birthday died last week. Plans were well in hand for the deceased’s 90th birthday celebration, which, would have been this week. 

The relatives arranged for a graveside service, a rarity here, these days. The coffin was respectfully and with local tradition, lowered into the grave by the people selected to take the cords with which to do it. 

Just as the minister stopped speaking, a man stepped forward, saying he would like to speak. He approached the edge of the grave and stated to the group of assembled mourners, “I bought Peter a bottle of ten years old single malt whisky to give him for his birthday”.  So saying, the mourner then revealed the bottle, opened it, and to everyone’s utter amazement, poured the golden liquid contents over the casket. 



TG said...

This is truly remarkable! Thanks for sharing.

Vincent said...

I bet some were shocked by that. They feel that whisky deserves more respect.

ZACL said...

Good to hear from you MKL.

It certainly was a remarkable event. I laughed when I heard about it; but a good malt whisky...... Och so, why not!

ZACL said...

Hi Vincent,

Unexpectedly, your thoughts were the exact ones of the person who related the event and hubby when I told him.

But then....two points:

A ten year old single malt whisky is, or should be the minimum aging time, therefore in the wider whisky world, it won't be the most revered. Any whisky user can rationalise to kingdom come with that thought. An older single malt whisky might have warranted a good Scottish stushi! (Spelt phonetically).

The second thought is, what a great personalised and generous send off; possibly the best, from someone who really knew the guy.

I wonder if the grave-diggers were fumed to high heaven......

Anonymous said...

personally, i think that's a nice way to show a little affection & respect for a dear, departed friend.

give them what they liked best.

having said that, it might mean someone fills my grave with custard when my time arrives...not that i'd take offence! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice story! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hi Ax,

I agree the anointing of the casket with single malt whisky was a very personalised salute and send off.

You could specify a custard filling for your grave departure, something like an egg nog, or, a great quality Advocaat carefully mixed together with the custard, (more of one element than the other, of course). Then again, you could specify any other preferences. Note the plural.


ZACL said...

Hello Mr F.

I thought the description of events at the funeral were just unique, too good not to post about.