Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The boat was hiked out of the water, along with other small boats, as protection against the effects of the threatened tail end of Hurricane Katia.  At the end of August, there was havoc in the small harbour when the sea swell, the winds, strong tides and the torrents of rain pulled larger boats from their anchors and small open boats were in difficulties with the copious amounts of rain that fell.  One such small boat was pulled out to sea, never to be sighted again. Thus, we battened down the hatches, here at home too, as best we could, and waited for the storm. 

We appear to have been in the eye of the storm, and apart from a breezy day and night, and down pourings of rain in a windless morning, today, we have, this time, been spared. 

The cleaning of this boat is almost complete. Then, a protective cover will be put over the boat while it is in 'dry dock'.


Anonymous said...

I would be relieved that it was like that there! I guess that it was slightly unsettling in view of the dire forecast. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

The forecast has been dire and I did get first hand reports of the fearsome weather conditions in many areas of the UK.

It was a short-lived relief that we did not get the absolute tail end of Hurricane Katia, because we have got gales and driving rain today. It is not a day to be out, and especially if you are are a bit wobbly on your feet.

C'est la vie.

xx :)