Tuesday, December 20, 2011


You should have seen Mummy Bear's boots! They were knee high with the most enormous rubber wedge sole; Mummy Bear looked, and was, Gigantic. Daddy Bear was a bit leaner and the weensiest bit shorter. Baby Bear wore a nappy (Ghandi style) held with a dominating bespoke blue safety pin. For his comfort, a matching blue dummy was attached to Baby Bear with a pale blue ribbon. This baby could sure run when he had to. 

And as for that floozie, Goldilocks, with her shoulder length mop of fuzzy gold hair, bright yellow skirt and selfish eyes, well... she deserved to be brought to the fearsome Judge Bailey's Court, (The Old Bailey) to be tried on the charge theft and vandalism at the house of The Three Bears. After all the police, some polite, had found her there asleep in Baby Bear's bed. Forensic officers had collected their evidence and samples for the case against Goldilocks. Poor, poor Mummy Bear, many of her special possessions, ideal for the Television Antiques Road Show, were damaged, even Baby Bear's special collectable chair was broken. 


The Floozie was befriended with good references in court by teachers, Cinderella and the two Ugly Sisters, Red Riding Hood and her friend. In his summing up to the Jury, it was evident that Judge Bailey saw through Goldilocks' subterfuge. Indeed, Goldilocks was sentenced to twelve months hard labour. Then Judge Bailey told us that because the actual story was different, he couldn't really do that. Prince William, his wife Kate and Elvis Presley, who were also in court, were very surprised.
So, Goldilocks got off and then made no secret of her guilt and her glee at the jury getting it wrong in her case. Where's the fairness in that?
The Three Bears were worse off and baby bear was so very angry that with his dummy flailing, and growling loudly, he chased after Goldilocks. >:-[


Anonymous said...

A pantomime with a difference? I hope that a good time was had by all!
Have a good Christmas. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

It was as good a panto as any I have attended for a while...perhaps better, because of the simple enthusiasm and much easy style acting ability of the children.

Wishing you a good and healthy 2012 with much successful veg production!!