Thursday, May 10, 2012


I am not racist, far from it, but, the latest spin from the major public relations units is making a bad situation worse. It could not be more embarrassingly ludicrous, shameful, and out of touch. 

Do the public relations people, working for the people in power, think that if they get the dummies (Senior police spokespeople) to say it often enough we will all absolutely believe it! They must think we are a nation that is so easily manipulated that we cannot think. Or maybe we are not meant to think; we are not meant to think what they think is the unthinkable, therefore we will not make utterances that could disturb the peace. There has even been very obvious selective research quoted, likely, out of context, to support their statements that there is no racial dimension to the sex vice ring currently in the news. How crass can it get. 

 Perhaps if I say this often enough, I will get a sensible response. If it baas like a sheep and it looks like a sheep, it is a sheep; if it quacks like a duck and looks like one, it is a duck. And as shown in my recent post, if it coos like a dove and looks like a dove, it is one. They may all be different colours and breeds, which differentiates them...but they are what they are. 

Of course, the current case of the child sex ring is ethnically and racially rooted. As the judge said in his summing up of this frightening case, the men involved in grooming and using these vulnerable young girls, would not organise to do it to their own ethnic community girls. 

The spokesperson for the respected U.K charity, The National Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children,(NSPCC) was quoted with sensible comments, (at last) before the judge in this case summarised it. Apart from his comments on the race base of the offences, he added, there is a disproportionate representation of ethnic offenders in prison. To maintain a balance here, it has to be said, they are not all sex offenders, a term, which in itself is an umbrella description of a range of sexually motivated offences. However, there are various shades of white and other ethnic groups who traffic sex in the UK, some of whom have been caught and imprisoned. 

When dealing with sex offending, you ignore the racial and ethnic elements of these offences at public peril. There is a lot of useful knowledge in understanding the various cultural backgrounds and, therefore, what additional distorted thinking supports the generation of these horrible offences. How you deal with sex offenders, will impact on everyone. A public denial of what we can see and officially hear, of what is obvious to a sentient individual, and is a denial by a section of the very authorities who are supposed to be fearlessly upholding the law, is totally unacceptable. 

The message received is, the authorities are running scared. Because of the racial features of this current case,they are working the broken record technique to death, through the media, to lull us into believing there are no racial features.  Bullshit!


Anonymous said...

You are right of course, ZACL. Nobody is fooled by this. I don't even think they are trying to fool anyone. What it's about in my view is fear of terrorism. I live in a part of town that is 90% muslim, where muslim means the elders (in their 70s, 80s and 90s) are from pakistan, and so are most of the wives, at least those older than 40. Many of those who come from Pakistan speak little or no English because they make no adjustments to British culture. They think of themselves as temporarily exiled. When they go to the doctor orb dentist they may take a grandchild along to provide translation.

The young men are looked down upon for openly going out with white girls. The young women are encouraged by parents and teachers to pursue education and careers, but this makes them almost unmarriageable in many families, as the young men want wives like their own mothers - stay-at-homes. So there is a great deal of sexual frustration. Would-be suicide bombers (plotting against airliners) have been traced to this town, a few years ago. Things are handled with kid gloves, I tell you, so as not to ignite powder-kegs. And this cannot of course be spoken about openly. -V

ZACL said...

Hi Anonymous,

I totally understand the social ethnic dimension you describe; I have been amongst it, worked in it and with it. It is some of these issues that are ignored at everyone's peril; denial of them makes it easy to do so, it gives permission to do exactly that.

Diffusing the ignition of power kegs is not, in my view, suppressed by denial; what and whom do you learn to have some faith in our societal structures of law and order. They are not covered in glory with this case, bearing in mind, one brave girl disclosed and her state was rejected as the CPS deemed her an unreliable witness. That gave the forces of law and order and protection permission then, not to pursue the case and the issues it highlighted.

Both the judge hearing the case and Martin Neary, NSPCC, had to counter the nonsense being publicly spouted to bring some sense, reality and balance back into this matter. How else can there be a true reckoning the with services that did not examine the issues and deal with them four years ago. Continual public denial by the authorities will cause the very problems they are afraid of, by pitting the frustrations of one community against another.

There has to be acceptance of the facts so appropriate moves forward can be devised. The humbug, the distortions, have got to stop. It's a basic behavioural therapy tenet. Let's apply some basic respect and acknowledgement for people here, many of whom are hurt.

Many thanks for your thoughtful and perceptive contribution.

Vincent said...

Hi ZACL, thanks for that, you didn't recognize me, then. (I was being cautious.)

ZACL said...

Sorry to disappoint V, I did recognise you, your style and the mini signature. I was respecting your caution. I am sorry you did not recognise that, that was what I was doing, when I addressed your comment.

What has altered to bring you 'out'?


zewt said...

Sigh... people in power... forever thinking that the people whom they serve are dumb. how long will the people remain silent...?

ZACL said...

Hello Zewt,

An apt and heartfelt comment. There are layers and layers of structural chains in such gross incompetence.