Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Sunday (24th)... a frustrating day attempting to learn how to convert audio cassette tapes to burn to CD. There's a whole new language and all the advised easy ways suggested, turn out to have a variety of interfaces, (yup, I do mean more than one). They were meant to be the same, or, at least, very similar. They have been leading me up the proverbial garden path.

 I took a break and made a meal. Applied my thoughts to the recording exercise yet again, and got nowhere fast. All the connection instructions are straightforward - I think -I have the double-ended jack cable, the output connection point and an input one. I did find one easy recording software option for actually recording and it did work, therefore, the connections must have been okay. Sorting out the post recording ideal, such as creating individual tracks and naming them, is another experiment.

 I still want to know why all my other attempts with other programmes, the ones that run more like desktop mini recording studios, totally flopped. I thought I did well learning about woofers and tweeters years ago, but, .wav, AIFF, AAF, Mpeg, Mp3, Loops, and more, is a whole new ball game. I don't want to be a recording technician, I just want to work with an intuitive to use programme that I can manipulate to do the basic things I want.

 It's just as well Sunday was an uninviting day. It was a day for staying inside. So, what better to do than climb the proverbial wall with something for which, I would benefit with a hands on 'how to do it' course. GRrrRrrr.


Jenny said...

There are lots of programmes advertised. What a shame that none of them are very user friendly. Hope you get there in the end though!

ZACL said...
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ZACL said...

Helllo Jennyta,

There is a lot of software out on the web. I have downloaded another programme to look at. I shall persevere.

Flighty said...

Rather you than me, it's all gobbledygook to me! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F.

I reckon the gobbledygook is a major part of my difficulty. Jargon can have a lot to answer for!