Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It was too late at night, I should have known better, but it's one of those situations where you think, I can manage just one more quick thing to do on the computer.  So, I did.  I whizzed along like a mini motor and put my 2Gb SD card into the card reader slot ...........only it wasn't.  I had put the SD card into the CD drive slot.  Grrrr. In case you ask, no, I could not get it to slide out.  The best efforts made sure it dropped down deep into the back of  the drive. 

The CD drive slot is just above the Card reader slot, a bit too close for momentary lapses of attention.  The technical man I spoke to today, said not to be embarrassed, it was a regular problem.  Great!  Why not do something about the design.  Do not, I was told, try and run a CD/DVD in the drive, the damage to the computer could be phenomenal.

There are loads of people where I live who could handle a run-of-the-mill P.C. or laptop, but no-one who has knowledge, authority, or licence, to open up  an Applemac and operate in the bowels of one.

Tonight, I have to pack up the machine for courier collection tomorrow.  It's travelling about 450 miles to be serviced, then back home again.  It's at times like this, (not too many of them, I hope) I am very glad I have a three years service plan. 


ShimonZ said...

Really sorry for your suffering... but there is something ironic about having an Applemac. I started out with them, many years back... and finally, when I moved from Apple to Microsoft, it was really traumatic for me... but ever since, I think I appreciate the PC in a way, that borders on the fanatic. My best wishes for a speedy recovery, and here's hoping that you have a back up machine.

Anonymous said...

Yes a service plan sounds like a good idea. My CD drive is a draw and has top open before you can put anything in. My Tech support also lives on site but we do not have an Applemac.

Garden Girl

ZACL said...

If frustration is suffering, and I suppose it is, I thank you Shimon for your good wishes for my speedy recovery. :)

Yes I have backup - it's always running when the machine is on. The main annoyance was that the stuff I wanted to take off as an extra precaution would not record with a drag and drop on a re-writable, through my external writer.
The machine was collected this morning.

ZACL said...

Hello Garden Girl,

I'm the tech support for hubby's Microsoft computer - I am very adept with that platform.

I do have an external drawer cd/dvd writer, I prefer its stability. I have never been keen on the integrated 'grab in and push out design'.

You have no idea what a relief it is to have the service plan. It made 'minor horror' less of one.

keiko amano said...


It was in 2000, but I too inserted a wrong thing into a slot. I don't quite remember, but probably a floppy disk into a CD slot. This happened at the place I worked with many young people. They asked me with puzzled looks, "How did you do that?" I replied, "It's easy!"

ZACL said...

That's a great answer Keiko, it made me giggle. The trouble is, it is just a bit too easy to do these potentially damaging actions.

Note to myself: be more cautious in future actions and not so tired.

Al Lezvousf said...

I thank it wat a Jerrycan...

ZACL said...

A Jerrycan...celui sera tres different!