Monday, November 26, 2012


After a bit of diversion and distraction, I put on a metaphorical set of blinkers, shut my ears to the outside world and spread out my books on the desk.  It is a long time since I have purposefully studied anything, and I was determined I was going to study, come what may.  It was a surprise to me to find how quickly I became happily absorbed in what I was doing.  I found it easier to position my books across the desktop and use the depth, placing me at the centre of  it all.  I decided to write in good old-fashioned pencil. Every now and then, when correcting something, I cursed the rubber for being so chunky. It's one of those tolerant rubbers that does not leave a trail of dark marks after lots of use, which is why I use it, but it does rub out more than it should.

I found it a joy to delve into favourite text books again, books that had been abandoned to a bookshelf for some years. It felt like meeting up with good old friends.  The one text that was new, was busy introducing itself to me.   I could have written in it, or copied pages to work with.  I used to study either way, pretty successfully, years ago, (before owning a computer) and perhaps this is why I have returned to a tried and tested method. Let's hope my cerebral vitality is up to the task! I am toying with  the idea of copying my pencilled notes  onto the computer, once I have tidied my desk, putting my books either temporarily back on the shelf, or, better still, in a neat pile, so they'll all be easily available for the next  study session.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a great pleasure to study the old way… and many years were filled with that sort of study for me. I have found that using the computer is easier… but it doesn’t have to be an exclusive tool. And what is best about studying, is soaking in new information, and reaching a new understanding in the process. Very glad to hear of your success.

Anonymous said...

It is a joy to go back to the old stamping grounds and find that they still give pleasure and satisfaction. There is nothing quite like moving a pen or pencil on paper, despite the fact that the keyboard is such a helpful tool. What discipline are you studying?

Snowbird said...

I agree with Shimon and Gilly, yes. it's wonderful sometimes to forget modern technology and go back to old habits. I love to write with a pen rather than on a computer.
I'd love to know what you are studying to.xxxxx

ZACL said...

Hello Shimon,

Thanks for your thoughts. I did feel better for the mental exercise. The test is, how much I remember of what I did. That still remains to be seen. I am working on the principal, that practice makes perfect, (or near enough!)

ZACL said...

Hi Gilly,

You have described it in a nutshell. What is so pleasurable is, that it was a language I originally studied for interest and pleasure, and it still provides that same element for me.

ZACL said...

Hello PP,

I use a pencil because I can rub out unintelligible squiggles I make, even I cannot read them! And in another language it can be quite a challenge to put right. I think the page would look an awful mess if I used pen.