Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Two days on and I still cannot send email through my email application, which links to pop mailing.  My ISP, who is unfortunately TALKTALK (TT) has no answers to resolve the confusion and mess they have been instrumental in creating.  

My misfortune to be with TT evolved with various sales and mergers.  I started out with a lovely little company that did so well it sold on to a company called Pipex. The company had a good reputation. We started well,  we were to look forward to getting a streamlined service. Then Pipex changed tack and sold us to a firm called Tiscali.  I was unsure about this change and watched and waited.  Just as I felt comfortable, Tiscali had financial problems and the UK part of the business was placed back with Pipex.  There was no time to breathe before we were told we were being merged into Talktalk's enlarging empire.  

We were aware that TalkTalk had a dreadful customer service record and feared the worst. They had a major reshuffle of their directorate and appointed a new CEO.   We kept our own domain names, which, I was pleased about and we rowed along together reasonably well.   At times, broadband quality was poor. The reduction in quality was sometimes the fault of British Telecom (BT) (who are the main operators of the lines and exchanges).

Now, following the upgrading of cabling by BT, on  behalf of Talktalk, on the 24th January, 2013, there has been the equivalent of a tsunami of service failures, a lot of them like mine. I guess the call centres in India where all technical calls are taken, are barely able to cope with the massive waves of disgruntled customers who need good technical advice, which, is not generally forthcoming. 


The call centre staff are skilled in obfuscation and disingenuity.  The representative of Microsoft, who is supporting me in the present situation, has experienced poor staff knowledge, has been given incorrect information. Yesterday, in a conference call, she educated the woman at the call centre about the workings of Talktalk's own webmail and its irrelevance to the problem. (There was an attempt at fobbing us off: wrong people, lady).   For about two hours, we had to assert our request to have our problem escalated. 

What Next ...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to see that you're having problems, and hope that they get sorted soon.
Unfortunately as you're well aware Talk Talk have a lousy reputation for customer service.
Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Oh yes, Mr F, we are well aware that TT's reputation march before them.

A message composed by both myself and the MSoft Rep, evoked what appears to be, an honest reply, today, which I have forwarded to Msoft. In it, TT are admitting to major problems with their server/s.

We are standing by to continue chasing, if we have to. xx

keiko amano said...


I just read this and the last post. What a nightmare you're going through! The name, TalkTalk is now registered in my brain as the bad news.

Nowadays, anytime I face a technical problem, I automatically slow down. To be honest, I don't want to fight back because that makes me age a couple years every time. I have to dye my hair every month.

Yesterday, I overcame one technical problem installing a simple printer. It was stupid on my part because of my past experience, I try to find the counterpart driver in Japanese site.

Well, I should have called the maker from the beginning, but because I was confident, I went to the internet and clicked and clicked and downloaded a bunch of garbage! I have to dye my hair again.

keiko amano said...

I forgot to say that I hope your problem will be solved in no time.

ZACL said...

What wonderful images you present in your humorous comment, Keiko. It's great, your words gave me a real 'jolly-up.' I am grinning from ear to ear.

Dare I ask you, would you dye your hair less frequently if your computer did everything sweetly and by itself?

Drivers are important, and with your language skills, you can definitely trust yourself to download the correct ones from an American or British provider.

There are a lot of learning curves to achieve in computing and it never stops. It is such a fast moving technology. Major faults by third parties, and beyond your own control do leave you feeling disempowered and frustrated. I am so glad I have the support of the M/soft team on this one.

Anonymous said...

How enormously and, it would seem, chronically frustrating. I guess it would be just as frustrating to pull out and start with another provider. As Macbeth did not say, once you're in the middle of a river, going back is just as bad as going on! Good luck for a speedier settlement of problems!

ZACL said...

Thanks GillyK. Speedy resolutions I am not getting, it seems. My line has been checked twice now and found unwanting...I could have told them that. The escalation of the problem is now confirmed..for max 72 hours response time. Guess what though, it's delayed by a day with the testing of the line. Grrrrr.

Snowbird said...

Oh Lordy!!!! Talk Talk do have an awful reputation.
How absolutely infuriating!!!!
I REALLY hope all is sorted soon although I fear a miracle is called for!xxxxx

ZACL said...

I think you may be right Snowbird - a miracle would be good. I am close to researching the CEO and writing to her, not that I think it will do an awful lot other than to make her aware, if she isn't. :(