Friday, February 08, 2013


What has made me demented so far in 2013... and, it's only the 8th February:

It has taken two and a half weeks to sort out the issues with the email service.  Fingers crossed it keeps working.

An online application for a bank account - it would have been easier to apply by post.  One last letter sent to give the bank a chance to redeem themselves, (or else) yielded appropriate and satisfactory results. 

I discovered a) we have an opthalmic clinic in the county; b) the regional hospital 120 miles away, receives all medical requests and manipulates appointments to by-pass our local unit. That is what happpend to me. There is a maximum waiting time limit of twelve weeks from the time of received referral, to actually seeing a patient; if not achieved, the hospital trust is fined. A refused appointment is recorded. The refusal means you wait longer for initial triage.  I could have been saved masses of inconvenience and extra costs with a local appointment.

Government departments are known for their designed-in incompetence.  Guess what, we've just been given a foretaste of it.  This will be another path of nonsensical obstacles to overcome.   

To save energy...mine, on the Arctic cold day of the week, for our main meal, I made a salad.


Anonymous said...

You've not had a good start to the year have you! I hope that it gets better from now on. Flighty xx

Snowbird said... poor thing. I really hope the email situation is fixed for good and all other things flow smoothly for you. At least the salad is good for you! If a little cold!!!xxxxx

ZACL said...

Ciao Snowbird,

Thanks for the sympathy - it does help. :)

The salad was nice, though I say so myself, even if it was the coldest day of the year. I was glad of the hot drink after the meal, though!

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F,

If the year goes on like it has so far, I shall be looking for a retreat, at the very least. Thanks for the kind wishes. xx

Anonymous said...

Now that business with the eye hospital really is outrageous. Hope now you have discovered the true state of affairs, things will become plainer sailing.

And as for banks ... I love the emoticon!

Salad is very NOURISHING ;)

ZACL said...

Salad is nourishing, agreed, Gillyk, though I won't be having that type too often at this time of year.

I have to continue with the same eye doctor now; it makes sense to do so. It has exposed the manipulations that go on for political purposes, and the hard-line attitude to the inconvenience and expense patients are put to. It is like an additional tax on health, which is not experienced by those within easier reach of the services.

keiko amano said...


About salad, I think we like something hot after cold, and hot after cold. And a bit sweet, follow by something salty, and again follow by sweet.

Your post reminded me of my eye problem. Probably I need cataract laser surgery soon. Lately I cannot see well. But I'm afraid to see myself clearly in the morning?!

I pray that your email problem will be completely over, and sweet moments will be waiting for you soon.

ZACL said...

Thanks for your comment Keiko. I took a leaf out of your book and dyed my hair!

I am told that You'll have really clear vision once the cataract is gone.

From what I can assess, most of the cataract operations for local people are undertaken at the county hospital, and so are the follow-up checks. Glaucoma people have to 'persuade' the powers that be to place their care locally. The referral manipulation leaves me frustrated.

Politics, central or relatively local, are divisive.

Thanks for your kind wishes regarding my email. I was so impressed with assistance I received from the Microsoft Representative.

Anonymous said...

Hoping you overcome the difficulties, and maintain your cool inside, while finding the warmth you need to overcome the arctic temperatures outside.

ZACL said...

Greetings Shimon,

Your comment made me giggle.

It does become a game of mashed up chess trying to communicate effectively with large organisations.