Monday, March 04, 2013


Sunday, it being a bit dull and overcast, we headed for a beach, it's what you do when distracting yourself from missing the good few days that recently passed through.  We ambled along a short  path through some of the sand dunes, which, led to the expansive golden three miles of sand.  No sooner had we trod on the sands,  the sun came out.  It turned into a gloriously, bright walk. We did not pass anyone as we walked for about a mile and a half.  In the distance though, there were two or three people exploring rocks. 

There remain dragons' teeth left over from the defences of the last World War. These are concrete conical blocks, flattened off at the top now, originally placed at the shore lines to make it difficult for sea craft to land. They sit, and some lie, like fading  monuments, their original purpose forgotten.  Here, we turned, and saw that many more people had arrived on the beach.  However, more interestingly for us at this stage of the return walk, there was much to be seen at our feet.

High tide had just receded leaving behind many little treasures. A stone with calcified  sea life forming a fantastical design like an intricate cameo brooch. The stories those sea creatures might have told could only be imagined.

Broken and whole Clam shells were scattered around.  Some, I was told, could be eighty years old.  Apart from the size, Conchologists check the   rings that indicate the bivalve's age, ( much like Dendrochronologists with the study of tree rings ).  Here is one shell still resting in fresh spume, one of the tell-tale clues that it had not long been deposited by the tidal waters in that spot.

Large dark brown/green clumps of seaweed were plentiful.   On the damp sand, some distance from the thick mass, was this elegant, delicate 'balletic' form, totally enhanced by still being wet and glistening in the moistness of the sand on which it came to rest.  In this, I could visualise the movement of the branch in the  sway of the sea and its waves, landing in mid movement here, where I found it.

Nearing the end of our beach walk, we saw a rider edge out from the dunes onto the sandy beach, where, she allowed the horse  to break into a canter then a run. 

Being able to Watch the horse running along the sands and  having the bonus of meeting up with other children in this great big bright outdoor nursery play space for kids, and dogs, was all very good fun.  These are the idyllic outdoor days that make for the  great memories of childhood.

It looks like the dogs have all been to the same doggy socialising school.  The two big fluffy black ones are not in the least bit phased by the outsider, nor for that matter is the outsider bothered by them.


Rebb said...

ZACL, What a lovely way to spend a Sunday. I enjoyed your walk and the photos. I like visiting the beach when I get a chance.

Jenny said...

Excellent day. I love walking on the beach.

ZACL said...

Hello Rebb,

Thanks for your comments. Already, I have fond memories of this beach walk.

ZACL said...

Hi Jennyta,

When I lived in a city, far from the sea, going to the seaside was a special event. Even now, I have to take a notion for a beach walk, probably to make it 'special', though, it could be everyday if I wanted to do it. This walk turned out to be a really pleasant one.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post... I really could enjoy the scene with you... could almost hear the sound of the waves hitting the shore. It awakened the desire to visit the sea myself. Thank you.

ZACL said...

Thank you Shimon for your lovely comment. I hope you get to your lovely Mediterranean sea shores soon.

Snowbird said...

How lovely, just like Shimon I wanted to dash to the beach. I did love the calcified brooch and had no idea that clams could lie so long. Those mountain dogs are gorgeous. I'm glad the weather was good for this fantastic walk.xxxxx

Anonymous said...

What a lovely and appreciative walk along the beach - nothing like it! - and on this blog, enhanced by your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! That's the sort of walk I enjoy especially with the sun out and few people around. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

There was a lot going on, Snowbird and much to see. It was a very good outing.

ZACL said...

Hi GillyK,

I know what you mean. I could add a pic to the other one, different though it is.

Yes, it was a really good walk. :)

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F,

A few people for you, would be quite a number to us. We are just not used to being crowded out on our beautiful beaches.