Sunday, April 14, 2013


We were ever so good doing what we should, stopped still at red traffic lights, and I was looking after hubby's camera.  It was mine once, he likes getting my hand-me downs; cameras I mean.   It helps that I know how to use the camera when the unexpected happens. I gazed out through the windscreen and to my astonishment I saw this sight crossing the road in front of us; I just had to get a shot of it: click.....

Peering at the camera screen I looked at the picture I had managed to get.  Could that white mark on the rider's mouth be a dirty mark on the windscreen?  Hoping upon hope it was not, I checked out the photo at a larger viewing on the computer screen.  I saw more than I had bargained for.

Talk about being cavalier; not only had the rider got his helmet jauntily protecting the upright of his pillion seat, on his own head he wore a soft beanie hat, and had two cigarettes sticking out of his mouth.  I wonder if he would have carried ten -a small packet number - in the same way?

This guy was from the 'grandad brigade' sailing close to the wind  in his second youth, with no apparent care for the law of the land, including one law that requires motorcycle riders to wear helmets. There are one or two exemptions, such as for religious Sikhs who wear turbans. He was definitely not wearing a turban, not even under that beanie.  

It set me thinking.  Could the rider have been a more-or-less well-behaved law abiding youngster in his day, who, in his looming dotage was suffering a male menopause and breaking down his inhibitions,  or, was he  a tearaway youth in his time who had become an immature hedonistic adult, still testing the boundaries.

Perhaps, away from all the macho shiny machinery,  the guy might be an upstanding compliant member of the community, and as soft as a lamb. 


mira said...

Makes you wonder, doesn't it .

His need to self-express seems to be great . What does he want us to think ? Does he care ? Is he trying to find himself ?

Why the safety helmet that is not worn but displayed , yet the three wheels for extra stability and safety and the two cigarettes at once ..

What a character ! You have me fantasising now lol

mira said...

It was difficult to comment using IPhone

Anonymous said...

I can understand him. When they made the law requiring us to wear seat belts, I lost all pleasure from driving.

Anonymous said...

There are times when I too want to abandon 'the rules' ... but it's hardly a responsible attitude! Perhaps that's the point he's making.

Anonymous said...

There are always some people who don't care or think about the possible consequences.
I would guess that if he had an accident then his insurance would be invalid if they knew that he wasn't wearing a helmet. Flighty xx

Snowbird said...

This did make me smile! What a character, I bet he's as soft as a baby.xxxxx

ZACL said...

Hi Mira,

What he is dong does make you ponder. I don't think I would want to go so far as to admit to fantasizing about him. The rider, himself, had no attraction for me. ;)

ZACL said...

Hi Shimon,

So, you were a tearaway youth were you, more than willing to take all sorts of risks...


ZACL said...

When I look at the picture, GillyK, I do debate whether he really is taking any great risk flouting the rules, in the place he did it. This is an aspect you can think more widely on with local knowledge. Here, he would be 'unlucky' to be caught. In general terms, there is no doubt, the rider is flouting the law.

There is a lot of human road kill and injury on our roads, there are some of the most dangerous ones in the UK around and about here. the rider was risking his head, and was flagrantly uncaring about others, as you point out.

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F,

I would hate for anyone to find out this guy's insurance would be null and void should an accident occur. It was a cavalier attitude, grandad or no. What a sight! I wonder if he knew how he looked.


ZACL said...

Hi Snowbird,

I am trying not to ponder any deeper than this...the rider is not my sort of guy.