Sunday, April 28, 2013


I had not intended it, the temperatures have been just too cold. My gardening hand was forced though, when I received a gift of six very healthy-looking herb plants, a clay planter and a large bag of compost.  Separately, I was also the lucky recipient of a psychedelic salad box.  The box is not psychedelic, what is in it, in packets of seed, is supposed to be. They are staying firmly closed.  Anyway, I'll have to negotiate the corner of someone's green house to cultivate the cucumbers that are part of the psychedelic mix.
As I said, my hand was forced.  This afternoon in-between heavy gobs of freezing rain  and hailstones - they were truly mini ice balls-I ran in and out of the cellar, where opened bags of compost are stored, to grab a bag of the stuff to fill the planter.  To allow spread, I could only place two of the hardier herb plants in it.  The planter has depth and not too much length. I found a space against a wall, (actually, a few inches forward of it) to plant the Borage, having first been assured that it would be okay and  as a bonus, appear annually, (hmm).  Chives grow anywhere and don't seem to mind what type of climate they are faced with, within reason.  I stuffed the chive into a pot and left it near the other plants.

The remaining two herb plants are too tender to grow outside here, even in our warmer periods of the year.  I say that advisedly, as, yes, I agree it is all relative, but, to my mind and body thermostat, we do not have, as a rule, what I would call a summer, at least not with any continuity. According to gardening advice on one of the herb species, my own sixth sense about our warmth levels seems to be right. .........."it is sensitive to the cold".  It isn't the only one, I thought.

My two Aloe Vera plants are happy souls and easy to please.  Joining them on my kitchen window sill, are two new pots of green leafy things. There's every risk of sunburn there in the mornings for those tender leaves.  You can see it can't you, it will become the daily shuffle dance of the new plant pots from one side of the house to the other. 


Anonymous said...

My sister gave me a house-warming present when we moved here of a herb garden in a bag - very practical. I'm intrigued by your psychedelic lunch box ... what's in it - mind-altering salad perhaps? ;)

Anonymous said...

The psychedelic lunch box sounds fascinating, but I am also a great admirer of alovera. It's the best medicine I've encountered.

Anonymous said...

It'll be interesting to see how you get on with all these.
I have to move pots around at home, and thankfully have had good luck when I've gone out and forgotten!
Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hi Gillyk,

I haven't opened the psychedelic salad box; my information has come from the section written in English. To add to its psychedelia, the contents are also multi-lingual. As for lunch, that will be a long time coming. ;)

ZACL said...

Hi Shimon,

I am not sure when the psychedelic salad box will sprout sufficient for lunch - for now, the seed packs remain where they are, in the darkness of the box.

I agree, Aloevera is a super medication, at times, providing quite magical results.

ZACL said...

You're right Mr F. It will be interesting to see how these soft plants will progress on the window sill. I've already forgotten them this week, (so soon) so far though, it is early days, they are looking okay. I shall keep turning them to/from the light.

It will be interesting to see if the outdoor ones survive the cold temperatures we are having together with blustery winds.

Snowbird said...

Lol, the thought of the psychedelic mixture made me smile, but the weather you're suffering had me frowning!!! Seriously, when are you going to get some decent weather???

Good luck with the herbs, I'll look forward to hearing how they all get on.xxxx

ZACL said...

You and me both Snowbird, are frowning over the weather. I am desperate to experience a spell of worthwhile warmth as are the plants.
Psychedelic mix will stay it its packets in the box till the weather does me some good.

I'm nibbling at the two indoor herb pots.