Monday, June 03, 2013


My jungle walk with the Internet today was hard going; I had to cut through it, chopping masses of horrid creepers advertising all sorts of irritating things;

The worst of it was, I am still unsure how I got into that French knitted knotted root system.  I am pretty sure I started out clear of all under and over growth.

A signpost for Chrome loomed out of the gloom.  Go for it, I thought, so I did. I looped the loop, transferred all I wanted to the other side, or so I thought....did I heck, nope. I was caught in another darn knot.

Like the weary Prodigal, I went back, returning metaphorically, home.    I had another bash at clearing the path of creepy adverts, and this time, I seem to have succeeded, or, maybe, partly succeeded.  It's a good start.  There's just one little niggle, I defaulted my loyalty; now I have to find my way out of that one.


Anonymous said...

I take it that you're now using Chrome. I switched from Firefox some time ago and have generally been pleased with it. Flighty xx

Jennytc said...

That sounds like the messes I used to get into when I tried to alter the html on my blog back in the day. ;) Chrome is good though.

ZACL said...

Hi Jennyta,

As you see, I am working through my 'lost' mail. I tucked away the Chrome for now, I couldn't seem to manipulate a hurry! time is what is needed I suppose. :)

ZACL said...

Sadly, Mr F. I haven't switched over to Chrome yet. I've wrapped it up for now. I could not set it up at the time, the way I wanted to. I probably need to learn the interface.

As you see, I am catching up with diverted comments.